Call for Volunteers!!! - Pick Your Project


Want to get involved in your community? Still excited about working on campaigns? Do you miss voter registration? We have a variety of projects to choose from! Pick one below, and let us know where you want to help out by e-mailing to our VOLUNTEER DESK or calling the DEC Chair, Phil Schaeffer, at 305-587-6909.



1. Become a Precinct Captain
2. Become a Neighborhood Leader as an Assistant Precinct Captain
3. Be Our Island Contact
4. DEC Social Hour Coordinators
5. Help with Voter Registration
6. Campaign Phone Banking and Canvassing
7. Special Events Coordinators
8. Special Events Volunteers
9. Data Entry Volunteers
10. Phone Bank Volunteers
11. DEC Community Calendar Representatives

1. Become a Precinct Committeeman or Committeewoman - Reach out and organize your Democratic neighbors for the 2009 Elections. You can make the job easier by recruiting Neighborhood Leaders from within the precinct to assist you. They will be responsible for specific lists of voters close to their homes until Election Day. Your work is to create a feeling of community and a good local contact list. When election season arrives you will provide an interface between people in the neighborhood and the campaigns and then get out the democratic vote in that neighborhood with the help of your Neighborhood Leaders. Precinct Committeeman or Committeewoman are full voting members of the DEC.

2. Become a Neighborhood Leader as an Assistant Precinct Captain - This is for people who don't want the full responsibility of being a precinct captain, but are willing to help the precinct captain when they need it - putting on specific events and brainstorming ideas. You also get your own short list of Democratic voters in your immediate neighborhood to work with and encourage them until election time to either go to the polls or vote by mail! It's an opportunity to make new friends! It's fun and easy, close to home, and you'll be doing a great service for the Democratic Party!

3. Be Our Island Contact - We need people from all of the islands in the Keys who are familiar with their island and can point Democratic candidates who are running Keys-wide races in the right direction. You would be the local information source for Democratic campaigns. - Where is a good place to meet people, put signs, hold parties?

Social Volunteers

4. DEC Social Hour Coordinators - The first hour of each DEC meeting is a social event with food drinks and a guest speaker. The social hour coordinator, would get the space set up to facilitate the social event, make sure that we have munchies (there is money budgeted to pay for this), and welcome our guests. Since our meetings are in different locales we would welcome volunteers from Key West, Big Pine, Marathon, Islamorada, Key Largo, or anywhere in between. You could limit your responsibility to when a meeting is on your own turf or you could take on more!

5. Voter Registration!!! - Yep, we are still doing voter registration events! Election time will be here again this Fall and we want to keep voters current, register new voters, and get the word out about our local candidates. If you can get out there and get people registered (and I know a lot of you are old pro’s at this) we want your help! We are looking for volunteers all over the county, no limit on the number needed.

The City of Key West General Election is October 6th and the cities of Marathon and Layton General Elections are on November 3rd! Voters must be registered 29 days prior to an election, so we want to get started on this project.

6. Campaigns - Phone Banking and Canvassing. Do you miss making calls and knocking on doors? If you want to assist a particular campaign or just want to help out with DEC efforts to support local candidates, send an e-mail with your contact information and interest to the office.

7. Special Events Coordinators - for the DEC and KWLK Dems - 1 or 2 People to decide which events we should have presence at and be in charge of making sure we are there and properly represented (with assistance from the DEC and KWLK Dems).

8. Special Events Volunteers - People to set up, take down, and work at booths at events where the DEC, KWLK Dems, and/or Lambda Dems are represented.

9. Data Entry Volunteers - Work from your home computer helping us update and maintain our active campagn database.

Phone Bank Volunteers

10. Phone Bank Volunteers - before each meeting we call to invite a target group from the communitity where our DEC meeting will be taking place - volunteers to help make these calls are greatly appreciated.

11. DEC Community Calendar Representative - Our new online calendar for all of Monroe County has been set up and we need community representatives to post their area's events on it. This person should be willing to monitor their local media and government agencies, as well as join the email lists of their local organizations whose events Democrats might wish to attend, and post those events on our website calendar. Training on how to post to and manage the calendar is available and painless. We need volunteers who are detail-oriented and somewhat web savvy from each of the major Keys communities, i.e. Key West, Big Pine, Marathon, Islamorada, Key largo and everyplace else along the entire stretch of Monroe County.

If you are interested in helping out in any of these efforts please contact DEC Chair, Phil Schaeffer.

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