Have you ever considered running for office? The Monroe County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) is looking for people who have the interest and drive to run for office.

Why Run for Office?

It isn't enough to just elect a new President. We need Democrats to serve locally too.

It is critical to elect Democrats to office -- even non-partisan offices. Our state needs a "farm team" of local candidates who are educated on the issues and willing to fight for those things that Democrats know are important to Florida's future: good jobs, good schools, safe neighborhoods and clean air and water. Electing Democrats to local offices helps us realize our Democratic core values here at home. Local elected officials have more impact on daily life in the Keys than President Obama does.

Being a candidate is a serious though rewarding undertaking.

The DEC can provide assistance to you as a candidate for both partisan and non-partisan county and local races, including the following seats up for election next Fall:
* city and town council - Key West, Marathon, Islamorada, and Layton
* Monroe County school board
* county-wide races
* Monroe County Commissioner
* utility boards
*Mosquito Control Board

The DEC can help you with your campaign in several ways:
- access to and training in the Voter File
- access to Democrats Keyswide through our monthly newsletter
- access to potential donors and volunteers at our campaign parties
- local knowledge Keyswide through our neighborhood Island Contacts
- access to a vetted list of recommended vendors
- assistance with getting out the democratic vote at election time

If you are interested in serving in any office at the county or city level, please send an email to the DEC Chair today.

If you are interested in working as a campaign manager or a worker for a county or city level race, we can help connect you with candidates who need your help. Please send an email to the DEC Chair today.

Already running for office? Let us know.

Even if you do not need our assistance, or if you are running in a crowded Democratic primary, the DEC would still like to hear from you.

We have a lot of work to do before our 2010 election -- and we're looking forward to having you on our team! If you have any questions please email: Phil Schaeffer, Chair, Monroe County DEC.